Sunday, September 29, 2013

Schedule September 30 - October 4, 2013

This week we are doing the Constitution.  So bring your packet each day and notes.

Monday:  Terms and Concepts
Tuesday:  The Three Branches:  Executive, Judicial and Legislative
Wednesday:  Ratification and Intro to the Bill of Rights
Thursday: The Bill of Rights
Friday:  The other Amendments

Your Constitution test is NEXT WEDNESDAY, October 9.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Schedule September 23-27

Monday, September 23

1.  Distribute test scores
2.  Discuss writing of THESIS statements

Tuesday, September 24

DBQ  Writing #1:  Go over documents; identify information

Wednesday, September 25

Writing a DBQ paragraph

Thursday, September 26

Begin Unit 2:  The Constitution.  For this unit, you will be filling out a packet of information to help you prepare for the Constitution Test.

Lecture:  The Articles of Confederation

Finish Page 1 of Constitution Packet--"Articles of Confederation"

Friday, September 27

Lecture:  The Constitutional Convention

Finish 2(B) Writing the Constitution from the packet

Monday, September 16, 2013


Monday, September 16

Lecture:  The Revolutionary War

Test over the unit is this FRIDAY.  Start studying.  Use the Unit 1 Overview as a guide.

Tuesday, September 17

The Revolutionary War Soldier

Wednesday, September 18

Today, after taking attendance we will walk down to the theater to attend a forum on the people who lived in this area before colonization.

Thursday, September 19

Wrap up the unit.  Discuss the test.  Go over last Specific Definition sheet.

Friday, September 20

Test:  Unit 1.  The test will consist of 50 multiple choice and matching questions.  The matching sections:

  • Match the description with the colonial region
  • Match pictures with the historical event
  • Match definitions with terms
  • Match the advantages/disadvantages with Britain and the American colonies
Then, there will be short essay as well.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


I came down with pneumonia last Thursday, so I am stuck at home sick as a dog.  So I will not be in Monday or Tuesday.  I am hoping to make it back by Wednesday.  Thanks for being so great with the sub---got great reviews for Friday.  Keep it up!

Monday, September 9

Today, we will begin watching the movie, America: The Story of Us episodes 1 & 2.  These will take all period both today and tomorrow.  There is a sheet that goes with the film to filled out while watching.  You can get that here.  Also, if you are not here for any of these day you can---thanks to the beauty of the internet---watch them online!  The first episode is called "Rebels."

Your homework (Specific Definitions #3) from last week, has been extended to Wednesday!  So make sure you get it in! 

Tuesday, September 10
Continue watching the series.  This episode is called "Revolution"

Don't forget:  Specific definitions #3 is due tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 11
Lecture:  The French and Indian War and the beginning of Resistance
Homework:  Start reading chapter 4.  The Specific Definitions for this section is due on Monday.

Thursday, September 12
Lecture:  The Boston Massacre
Read "The Boston Massacre Who was right?"  Then, write a MelCon paragraph.  Due tomorrow.

Friday, September 13
Lecture:  The Revolutionary War
The Specific Definitions are due on Monday! Your Unit 1 test will be on Thursday!

Monday, September 2, 2013


Tuesday, September 3

Lecture:  From Puritans to a National Identity

Be sure to have read all of Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.  You will need that information for tomorrow's "quiz"

The Specific Definition #2 and Map due tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 4

The American Colonies Activity.  As a class, you are going to need to work together to create a chart of the characteristics of the American colonies.  This will be counted as a quiz and the entire class will get the same score.

Read pages 94-102 and complete the Specific Definitions #3, plus flow chart.  This will be due on Monday.

Thursday, September 5

No School.  Happy New Year!  Year 5774!

Friday, September 6

Lecture:  The French and Indian War

Make sure you finish the Specific Definitions #3 for Monday!