Monday, March 31, 2014

Schedule March 31-April 4

Monday, March 31

Welcome to 4th Quarter!!

Today, we will be examining World War II in the European theater.  The lecture will include a note sheet.

You have a QUIZ on Friday, covering World War II.

Tuesday, April 1

Lecture:  World War II in the Pacific Theater.  The lecture will include a note-sheet.

Wednesday, April 2

Today, you will be working on a RG for World War II.  The reading guide will be used as review for the test.  It is due on Friday, but you will have all period to work on it.

Thursday, April 3

Lecture:  The making of the Atomic Bombs and the beginning of the Cold War.  The lecture will include a note-sheet

Friday, April 4

Quiz:  World War II  This quiz will be approximately 25 questions, multiple choice.

After the quiz, you will have some time to work on the next reading guide, due next Thursday.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Quiz over Chapter 22-23 is now LIVE

The optional quiz for the Depression reading guide is due Sunday night!  It is now live.  You can do the quiz or turn in the reading guide.

Your test over this unit is on TUESDAY!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Schedule March 3-7

Monday, March 3

ACT Reading Benchmark
Return Unit 6 Test Essays.  You will be able to rewrite the essay portion of the test.  If you choose to rewrite, you will need to:

1) type out the rewrite
2. turn in the original with the rewrite

Tuesday, March 4

Today, you will be working on the reading guide for Chapters 22 & 23 The Great Depression. The optional quiz will be due by Friday night.

Wednesday, March 5

Lecture:  The Stock Market Crash and the coming of the Depression

Thursday, March 6

Lecture:  FDR and the New Deal

Friday, March 7

Video:  America: The Story of Us  "Bust"

On Monday, we are going to wrap up the unit.  Your unit test is on TUESDAY, MARCH 11!