Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Story of Us: The Civil War

Today, we watched an episode from The Story of Us.  This episode is on the Civil War.  Much of what you need to know about the war comes from this video.  The sheet is essential and can be downloaded here.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Schedule November 25-27

Monday, November 25

Finish DBQ on Secession.  The two paragraphs are due tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 26

Lecture:  The Civil War Begins

Read p. 338-373 and complete the reading guide (Unit 4, # 3) for Monday.

Wednesday, November 27

Lecture:  The End of the Civil War:  Gettysburg and Beyond

Finish reading guide for Monday.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Schedule November 18 - 22

Monday, November 18

1.  Lecture:  The Mexican War
2.  Return DBQ and Test Essay---discuss rewrites.  You will have the opportunity to rewrite both of these assignments.  But---you will need to do the following or it will not be accepted:

     a.  Have a conference with me to discuss the writing
     b.  The rewrite will need to be word-processed and printed out
     c.  You will need to turn in the original graded essay along with the rewrite

Tuesday, November 19

1.  Reading Guide Quiz: Manifest Destiny
2.  North v. South:  Setting the Stage for War

Wednesday, November 20  BRING YOUR BOOK TODAY

1850s Timeline Activity

While you are working on the timeline, I will be available to conference with you in regard to your essays.

Thursday, November 21

Lecture:  The Coming War:  Failure of Compromises

Read p. 338-373.  Complete Specific Definitions #3.  Due on Wednesday.

Friday, November 22

DBQ:  The Causes of the Civil War.  You will be doing this today in class and writing the introductory paragraph.

The Reading Guide is due on Wednesday.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Schedule November 3-7

Monday, November 3

1.  Finish discussing Industrial Revolution
2.  The Presidents:  Monroe and Adams.  As you watch the video, you will be answering some questions.  The sheet can be found here.  Click on the tab at the top of the page to view the videos.

Tuesday, November 4

Lecture:  The Presidency of Andrew Jackson, part 1

Read pages 240-265.  Complete the Reading Guide entitled, "Reforming American Society."  This will be due on Friday.

Wednesday, November 5

1.  Finish Andrew Jackson lecture
2.  Andrew Jackson supporting details

Thursday, November 6

Lecture:  Reform Movements, Part 1

Don't forget, the reading guide will be due on tomorrow!

Friday, November 7

Reform movement activity.

Your Unit Test will be on Wednesday, November 13