Act of Citizenship Project

All junior in American History will complete an Act of Citizenship Project.  The project is designed for you to get involved int he community and reflect on the experience.  There will be opportunities to complete this project all semester.  The project will be worth 100 points.

Project Introduction and Explanation
Act of Citizenship Reflection Form
Act of Citizenship List of Activities
Letter to a Soldier Activity
Letter to a Congressman

Below, you will find a list of upcoming activities.

Packages for Patriots
February 18th (6:45 - 8 pm)
April 15th (6:45 - 8 pm)
Sign up with Miss Kezios in room 237

Saint Baldricks
Tentatively March 21
Sign up with Mr. Bush in room 252

Intergenerational Prom
April 11, at the Forest View Educational Center
Sign up with Mr. Bush in Room 252

(NEW)Letters of Hope 
Students and Staff of EG Nation, let's join together to write letters of hope to Danwon High School in South Korea. 339 students and teachers were on a high school field trip when their boat capsized and sank. Over two-thirds of them have been found dead or are still missing. Let's show our sympathy and care for the community of Danwon High School. Letter-writing supplies will be available at the table in the foyer during all lunch periods April 28 and 29. The letters will be mailed to Danwon High School.

Letter =10 points       50 Points = Reflection

Feed My Starving Children
May 7th (4 pm - 8 pm)
Sign up with Mr. Phillips in room 237

District 214 Board Meeting
May 8, 2014 (7-9 pm).  Attend the meeting at Forest View Educational Center.

Special Needs Pageant
May 9th and 10th
Sign up with Mr. Bush in Room 252

Relay for Life
June 7th (11 am - 11 pm)
Form a Team!
See Mrs. Sayre

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