Monday, April 28, 2014

Schedule April 28 - May 2

Monday, April 28

Finish watching, A Time for Justice.  Discuss.

Tuesday, April 29

Lecture:  "Or Does it Explode?" The Civil Rights Movement After 1965.  There is a Note Sheet for this lecture.

Wednesday, April 30

Today, meet down in the theater for a forum regarding the history of Elk Grove Village.  There will be a note sheet at the forum that will be collected at the end of the period.

Thursday, May 1

Lecture:  The Civil Rights Movement Expands:  Women's Rights, Hispanic Rights and Gay Rights

The Civil Rights Reading Guide is due tomorrow.  If it is not in tomorrow, it will be counted late.

Friday, May 2

Quiz:  The Civil Rights Movement

Monday, April 21, 2014

Schedule April 21-25

Monday, April 21

Today, we will be starting Unit 9.  Here is the Unit 9 Overview.

Lecture:  The Roots of the Civil Rights Movement.  There is a note sheet for this lecture.

Tuesday, April 22

Video:  A Time for Justice.  This video covers the main events of the Civil Rights Movement. There is a sheet that goes with it.

Wednesday, April 23

PSAE Day!  No Class!

Thursday, April 24

Discuss film.

Friday, April 25

Work on reading guide for the Civil Rights Movement.  The reading guide will be due next Wednesday! You will have a short quiz over the Civil Rights Movement next THURSDAY!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Schedule April 14-17

Monday, April 14

History of Rock and Roll.  You have your Unit Test on WEDNESDAY.  Check your Unit 8 Overview.  You need to know the terms and be able to answer the questions.

Tuesday, April 15

Practice ACT Reading.

Tonight, starting at 8:30, I will be online, hanging out in the Chat Room.  Join us for a discussion of all of the stuff in this unit, plus hints as to the ESSAY question and the EXTRA CREDIT as well.

Wednesday, April 16

Unit 8 Test

Thursday, April 17

Go over ACT reading skills.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Schedule April 7-11

Monday, April 7

Lecture:  The Cold War

Homework:  Read Chapter 26 and complete the reading guide or take the online quiz.  Or both. The reading guide and/or the quiz is due on Friday.

Tuesday, April 8

For the next couple of days, we will be watching two episodes from the series, The Century.  Today, we will watch the episode, "The Best Years: 1946-1952."  There is a video guide that goes with these two episodes.  If you miss a day, you will need to see these films.

Wednesday, April 9

Today, we will be watching the next episode in the series, The Century.  Here is the video guide.

Thursday, April 10

Lecture:  The Cold War in the 1950s:  Duck and Cover and McCarthyism

The reading guide is due tomorrow, or you can take the quiz.

Friday, April 11

Lecture: 1950s Culture: Highways, Babies and Rock and Roll

If you are taking the online quiz, it is due tonight by midnight.

Your Unit Test is NEXT WEDNESDAY, April 16!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Act of Citizenship Opportunities

Here are some Act of Citizenship Opportunities coming up real soon!

Packages for Patriots
April 15th (6:45 - 8 pm)
Sign up with Miss Kezios in room 237 by MONDAY

Feed My Starving Children
May 7th (4 pm - 8 pm)
Sign up with Mr. Phillips in room 237