Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Schedule October 29-November 1

Tuesday, October 29

Finish War of 1812 Lecture

If you didn't finish the reading guide, make sure you turn it in tomorrow for full credit.  After that, it will be late!

Wednesday, October 30

War of 1812 DBQ.  Today, we will be doing a DBQ for the War of 1812.  Since the results for the last DBQ over ratification was not so good, we are going to use this one instead for the grade.

Thursday, October 31  Happy Halloween!

1.  For the first 20 minutes, you will be writing an introductory paragraph for the War of 1812 DBQ with a well-developed thesis statement.

2.  Introduction to the The Industrial Revolution.

Friday, November 1

Video:  How the States Got Their Shapes:  Plains, Trains and Automobiles
There is a sheet that goes with this video.  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Schedule October 21-25

Monday, October 21

Lecture:  The Presidents:  Washington and Adams

Read p. 180-196. The Reading Guide will be due on Wednesday (Extra credit if you get it in tomorrow!)

For this week, you will be filling in Note Packets for the Presidents:  Washington and Adams and Jefferson.

Tuesday, October 22

Lecture:  The President:  Adams

Make sure you get the reading guide in tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 23

Lecture:  Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, October 24

1.  Watch the Presidents:  Thomas Jefferson
2.  Start the War of 1812.  There is a note sheet/timeline to go with this.

Read p. 197-207 and complete Reading Guide for Tuesday 

Friday, October 25

Quiz:  Washington, Adams and Jefferson.  For this quiz, you will have several questions relating to the policies and events of the first three presidents.

Finish the War of 1812.

Complete the reading guide for Chapter 6, sections 3 and 4.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Schedule October 15-18

Tuesday, October 15

Activity:  Freedom of Speech:  You Be the Judge

Don't forget:  Mary Beth Tinker presentation 7th Period!

Wednesday, October 16

DBQ: The Ratification of the Constitution, Part 1

Today, you will be going over several documents and determining what they state.

Thursday, October 17

DBQ: The Ratification of the Constitution, Part 2

Today, you will take the documents and create a thesis.  Then, you will write an introductory paragraph for a DBQ.  Due at the end of the period.

Friday,  October 18

Lecture:  The Administration of George Washington

Read pages 180-196.  Complete reading guide.  Due on Wednesday.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Schedule October 7-11

Monday, October 7

Lecture:  Illinois Constitution and the Flag Code

Tuesday, October 8

Review for Constitution

Wednesday, October 9


Thursday, October 10

Practice ACT--Benchmark

HW:  Mary Beth Tinker reading

Friday, October 11

Mary Beth Tinker Prep---The Court and Freedom of Speech