The homework for the class is optional.  You will have several assignments per unit assigned.  You can choose to do the assignments or not.  However, for each assignment, you will need to take a quiz.  The quiz will count as a homework grade.

If you do poorly on the quiz, you can turn in the homework as well to help your grade. Even if you do well on the quiz, you can still turn in the homework to boost your grade. That will be completely up to you.

The quizzes are hosted by QuizStar.  You each have a unique user-name and login. Keep up with the schedule as there is a time limit attached to taking the quizzes.  If you fail to take the quiz in the time period, you will get a zero.  However, you can always turn in the homework for that assignment to replace the quiz score.

Click on the the links below to take you to the quiz login page.

 Click here to go to the online quizzes!

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